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In a moment of clarity Thomas Paine informed us theology is the study of nothing by those who know nothing using nothing as evidence.
Victor Stenger further informs us nothing in science , nature or theology shows or requires any god.  Universities still support superstition and keep theology on the curriculum. Making money is more important than intellectual honesty.

Just like Scientology, agnosticism was invented by one individual as a lark.
Both never use actual evidence. Agnostics think they are being scientific by saying there is no evidence for god but also no evidence against god.  This merely shows that they are gullible dupes of an argument from ignorance.
It is the theist or deist claimant who must show the evidence.

Theology and agnosticism are baseless and illogical. They retard the advance of civilization by lending respectability to superstitious, murderous and misogynist

We need to eliminate primitive religion not make up excuses for it. 

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