Religion needs to go.

 All gods are fake and manmade. Religion is brainwashing and murderous mental illness. The Terrible Cost of Christianity ( terrible cost of ChristianityEditThe terrible cost of ChristianityEnabler nuns.…/german-nuns-were-paid-drag…Enabler nuns.EditEnabler nuns.The dark side of Christianity.The Dark Side of Christian History: The Inquisition and Slavery ( dark side of Christianity.EditThe dark side of Christianity.

Ignorant university of Toronto

Roderick TamneyThu 2019-01-17 4:51 PMTo: Cc:  You In a moment of clarity Thomas Paine informed us theology is the study of nothing by those who know nothing using nothing as evidence.Victor Stenger further informs us nothing in science , nature or theology shows or requires any god.  Universities still support superstition and keep theology […]